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The Big Green Egg is the most flexible BBQ and outdoor cooking tool available! It all began with an ancient clay cooking device called the “Kamado”. Today, the modern ceramic EGG helps you easily create extraordinary dishes from the most unique appetizers to the most astonishing main courses and desserts. Plus, with five convenient sizes to choose from, there’s always a Big Green Egg to fit your lifestyle and budget.

The Single Most Important Cooker You’ll Ever Own!

Deciding which EGG is right for you is a breeze! As the most versatile product ever to hit the market for barbeque and outdoor cooking, the Big Green Egg stands alone, with more features than all other traditional cookers combined. It’s as close to culinary perfection as you can get from appetizers to entrees to desserts…and with just the right size to fit your needs, you’ll be ready to impress family and friends in no time.

Grill –Cook the perfect luscious steaks, chops or burgers with your EGG guiding the way. Professional “Steak House” grilling is a breeze, even at 750º F / 400º C… So easy, you won’t believe it! Using your EGG is a snap. With two dampers for ensuring accurate control, you can decrease heat when necessary for grilled perfection. Your favorite fish and seafood dishes come out extraordinarily moist and tender with that restaurant quality flavor-packed crust you can’t get with other grills.

Oven -How about as an oven? Using the indirect cooking method with a Plate Setter, your Big Green Egg bakes like a pro. That’s fresh breads, pizza, cobblers, even casseroles that will beat mom’s best every time. Plus, because the Big Green Egg retains heat so effectively, everything you cook is moist and delicious every time. Chicken, lamb, beef and even the toughest vegetables are fabulous with flavor locked juices trapped inside.

Smoker – Love the smoker effect? The insulating ceramics of your Big Green Egg let you have total control over cooking temperature even at the lowest heats. That means keeping your temperature between 200 to 350°F / 93 to 177°C to create the most succulent turkey, ham, lamb or any of your favorite cuts of ribs or beef. Smoke flavor is intensely difficult to get any other way, but with the Big Green Egg by your side, slow cooking for 16 even 18 hours is easy and convenient!

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